Be careful what you wish for

As said earlier, while I was on my holiday, degree became something I look forward to and I was literally excited to actually do something productive. However, it is not what I expected. Upcoming tests every week, assignments and weekly tutorials are just not what I wanted. Frankly speaking, degree is a whole lot better than Pre U, but the amount of work load could bring me down anytime, man. Not to mention, my mid terms are just a few weeks away. I mean dude, I just started 4 weeks ago, and mid terms is approaching? Urgh! SO NOT FUN!!! Oh, by the way, did I tell you that Thursday is my Friday? :p YUPP! You read that right! I don’t have any classes on Friday.

Let me tell you a bit of how i feel about the subjects that I’m taking in this semester. So, as told before, for this semester I am currently taking Financial Accounting, English for Business ( BASICALLY IT’S JUST PLAIN BORING ENGLISH – NON RELATED TO BUSINESS), Principles of Management, and Economics. It is only my 5th week of degree and guess what? I have completed 2 tests, and there are more tests and assignments. It sure is tiring but I cannot wait for this to end (3 more years to go! WEEHOOO!! *sense my sarcasm*)

Financial Accounting is basically what I have learnt during my Pre U back then. It’s the same thing repeating over and over again, like why?? The first time I took accounting was during my Pre U and it got me scared as I took science in high school. But now it all gets better. SLIGHTLY. Still have trouble trying to understand their super boring theories tho.If I’m struggling, what about the ACCA, ICAEW students, man. Are you guys ok? Damn. But to those of you who hate math but is considering accounting, go for it. You only need basic math to study accounting. But it’s definitely better if you took add maths previously in school. But seriously, only basic math is involved. No worries you won’t find differentiation in accounting subjects! 🙂

As for Management…..

Oh my god…

Whoever is taking management as their major, ARE YOU CRAZY? There’s just soo many things to memorise and it’s all theory theory theory! You must really like reading and memorising eh? Damn, it’s kinda hard tbh, especially when I find the subject a little bit dull and dry and boring and there’s just too many words and terms to remember.

Economics is definitely more interesting than management but it’s tough 😦 I really need help in Economics man. For those of you who is wondering how Economics is like, it’s a mixture of numbers, theories (words) and graphs. GRAPHS. I have problem reading graphs. But it’s really interesting because you get to know how the world’s doing economically, politically, and financially.


Another journey has reached its destination

A huge applause to Seril for officially graduated from University Of Wollongong, Australia. I am very proud and happy for him, so much that I almost cry whenever I think about it. The fact that we got through this journey together really means something to us, especially me. Seril is one of the important people in my life and seeing him achieve something so valuable in life is a mood boosting and some sort of motivation. Congratulations Shahril Azwan for officially graduating, like finally, Alhamdulillah. All your hard work has been paid off, Amin.

Regardless of what awaits us in the future, I do hope that one day, whether its 3 years ahead, or 4 or even 5, you will always be there for me too. Okay enough of this crap. HAHA. I’m FOC sometimes. (FOC stands for Full of Crap, btw).

You totally nailed it, this time!

You literally have zero idea how proud I am of your achievement! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! Now, it’s time to focus on the next stage of your life which is your career. Something you will do for the rest of your life. Education is the utmost important thing in life that anyone could have especially in today’s world. Without education, you’re basically, well, I dunno, but not attractive. LOL. So dear kiddos, do study hard and strive for excellence! “No matter how long it takes to get your degree, you MUST get it” – I stole that from somewhere.  Plus, he has never ever repeated any paper, wow. UH MA ZING!! He has officially graduated from University of Wollongong in Bachelor of Accounting! So proud :’) YOU DID IT! Now, it’s my turn! You totally deserve this post! 🙂

Monday blues

It’s true. That my best friend left me for a week and currently he/she is in Laos to work. Funny thing is, my car’s fuel is still full, my purse has more money that it could ever have, (tbh, i did not hang with anyone except my cats LOL what a loner I know don’t have to rub it in my face hmph) but I’ve been very unproductive and laptop is a substitute of him/her while he/she’s gone 😦 . Classes began last week, Monday and I gotta tell ya, degree is a whole lot different than my PRE-U. It’s waaay more fun I promise.

So kiddos, just wishing ya a good luck surviving you Pre-U year because it sucks :p FOR ME! Hahaha. I couldn’t really remember when was the last time I watched a korean drama, but holy crap, Come back, Mister is a really good drama to watch. It’s basically a comedy-drama and it’s so very different from other dramas that you guys have watched. This will not waste any second of your time because it is soo very W-O-R-T-H-Y, I promise!

It’s currently 0146 and I have class later at 830 in the morning! But you know traffic decides to hold you back for like, I dunno, an hour? They just love you so much don’t they? Haha.

So as you degree students already know that in the first week of class only lectures are conducted and no workshops, no tutorials. So I haven’t really met my tutorials and workshops’ lecturers. So, I was going through my facebook and I realised there was this guy who personally inbox-ed me telling me that if I’m taking Marketing in this semester so I said yeah bla bla bla. Turns out he’s my tutorial lecturer for Marketing whom I’ve never even met or spoken to before! SO SO CUTE OMGOSH! I think he personally added everyone on the list and randomly add them up or inbox-ed them! My lecturer is so cute, man! Hahaha. I hope he’s nice in real life tho, gonna find out tomorrow.

Anyways, this semester I’m having 4 subjects which are Financial Accounting, Marketing, Economics and English for Business. Guess which subject earns my hate? ECONOMICS! I think I’m Economic-Phobia. Studied Economics for the first time in my life during my Pre-U year, last year, and gosh, it was a total nightmare! However with God’s will, thank god I did not fail phewww. Okay, off to bed I’ve got only like few hours left till class starts! Monday blues.

Sunway vs HELP

Based on my past experience in Sunway College last year where I took AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation) as my Pre-University programme, Sunway has one of the best facilities. The washrooms are always dry and clean, people there know etiquette, lecturers are well-trained, the environment gives you good vibes, the food there is convenient, the only downside about Sunway college is the PARKING. Holy crap, how do you even expect thousands of students to find parking when they only provide you with less than 500 parking bays? Not to mention, the other,bigger parking bays which are located in Sunway Pyramid that needs a 10 minutes walk to the university/college. Not everyone enjoys a long walk early in the morning to class you know. I say we fund money to build more parking bays that are more prevalent for everyone. Like I said, people like me certainly DO NOT enjoy long walks to class.

So, here’s the thing about Sunway University. First and foremost, they are famous with their high quality of Accounting & Finance degree which is validated by Sunway University themselves,and also Lancaster University in the UK. The benefit of this is you get two degree certs, and that’s not even the best part, you will also receive a cert by Lancaster when in reality, you did not even study there. You pay less, you get the same quality of degree with other people who did their degree there. However, you yourself do not get to experience living in the real world alone out there, thousand miles away from Malaysia. I’m not really sure how it works, but they certainly do not have a twinning programme for this one. Let me make it easier for you to understand, I’m going to be in Malaysia for all 3 years if I were to study in Sunway Uni. Now you see, my problem here is I’m stuck between these two universities Sunway University and HELP university.

HELP university offers each and every one of their student great twinning programmes with many recognised universities in Australia, UK, New Zealand and more. HELP would only send you to your choice of university either in your 2nd year of degree or your 3rd year of degree. Well, my problem is that it has been a dream of mine to go overseas to study. My parents would want to send me literally just anywhere (maybe they really want to get rid of me idk man) in my 3rd year of degree. Now, the million dollar question is, where do I study in the first two years of my degree? In HELP university of course! I honestly have no problem studying there but dude. It’s 20.9km (23 minutes WITHOUT traffic) from my home. Next question, WHAT IS MALAYSIA WITHOUT TRAFFIC JAMS? Don’t even mention toll fees. Plus, the facilities there aren’t as complete as Sunway’s and I don’t know anyone there. Oh and it starts in May while Sunway starts next next week lol….

And frankly speaking, right now working full time as a waitress for the rest of my life sounds good to me. No degree, no diploma, just me and my SPM cert. Anyone wanna hire me?

HELP. (as in help help, not HELP university lol)