Clumsy girl cooks

It has been toooo freaking long since I last posted. I know, am really indecisive. I think indecisive is my middle name. Sometimes I feel like blogging, sometimes I don’t, so starting today onwards, I’ll blog whenever I feel like I want to so no pressure over thur!

So, hello dear readers, it’s me again. Turning twenty in June this year and boyy, a lot has happened. My family has expanded (and by that I meant my kids. Whoops, I mean cats), I’ve moved houses, I’m in my 2nd year of degree, and not to forget, I’ve grown fatter. Jokes on me. Isn’t it already obvious just by looking at my title for today? Cooking slash baking slash whatever that is related to oven and stoves and not to mention a lot of dishes to wash after cooking, is currently my new hobby which I have been doing for the past months. I haven’t been actually cooking nor baking a lot, but there are times where I really do enjoy making food. Food is bae, guys. It can never disappoint you. Although it probably would, only if you let it. *smirks*

This blog will soon be filled with lots recipes and how to make them and also, book recommendations and most probably holiday recommendations? We’ll see. Imma take things slow and steady, alright?

So today I’ve made Kimchi Fried Rice. This is inspired by the one and only, Nik Adreana, my childhood friend, my best friend, my soulmate, my cooking mate, my Uni buddy, my ride or die buddy.

So here are a few photographs of today’s dish! It really is so very simple. I think it took me just 15-20 minutes to get it done!

Kimchi Fried Rice
The ingredients you will need: Beef cubes, onions, garlic, kimchi, salt, sweet sauce, and of course, rice (it could be white rice or brown rice, everything is entirely up to you). Oh and this is a serving for one to two person.
Kicap Manis (Sweet Sauce)
Just a pinch of salt would do.


It is optional to add cheese to your Kimchi Fried Rice



How to make it? Follow these few steps!

  1. Make sure you have your rice ready.
  2. Heat your oil and cook your beef cubes. While waiting for it to cook, cut your garlic and onions. As for me, I certainly am a fond of onions, so I cut 3 onions and just 1 garlic.
  3. After you have cooked your beef, take it (the cooked meat) out from the kuali and set it aside for a moment.
  4. Next, put in your chopped onions and garlic and just a pinch of salt.
  5. Put in 2 big spoons of kimchi.
  6. A teaspoon of sweet sauce to give it a sweet taste.
  7. Pour 1/4 of water to make the kimchi sauce. Let it cook for at least 3 minutes or so. Make sure that the kimchi isn’t too dry, if it is too dry, add another 1/4 of water.
  8. Put in back your cooked protein (beef or chicken or even shrimp, it’s up to you)
  9. Lastly, put your rice in!
  10. TA-DAA!

As all of you know, koreans like to put cheese on their ramen and fried rice. You guys should try! Have fun trying, girls and boys!


Sincerely, Mahirah.


Atok’s 70th born day

Happy 70th birthday to my atok!

We had a celebration at the surau nearby atok’s house. Atok is 70 years old and he just gets cuter and cuter day by day. Surprisingly, under nenek’s watch atok is way healthier than me! All of his siblings came to celebrate his 70th birthday and we all had good food! Thank you atok for always lecturing me on literally everything, thank you for giving me advices and life motivation in all aspects, thank you so much for letting me stay with you for years and thank you for every single thing you have done for me.

Happy 70th born day ❤ you’re seriously cute 
Me in tudung (hijab)
Youngest brother, he’s only 5, sorry girls
All in my tummy
Lamb is everyone’s favourite
Sif and Noreez ❤
Sif Khalel you’re so cheeky!
My kakaks. Kak Lina and Kak Karmi ❤
The older you are, the more handsome you get

VSCO worthy

Do check out my VSCO too. I try to post all the pictures that I think is VSCO worthy.

Just click here and it will automatically bring you to my VSCO  ! Hope it fits all your likings! And if you’re the kind of person who literally hates reading, VSCO is just a place for you! Here is all words, and little picture, blergh, how dull to some of you non-readers out there!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.37.46 AM.png
Here’s a tad bit of my VSCO

and to Russia she goes

Nik, Aida and I sent our future doctor friend to the airport for her to further her studies in Russia for 5 freaking long years. We went early by ourselves just to get our burger at Burger King, uhuh, all the way from home to the airport (30 mins drive plus plus) just to get a 20 bucks burger. After trying the burgers at Burger Lab, even Whopper with Cheese don’t make my heart flutter anymore. Blerghh, okay out of topic. So, Mazmeen is currently on her flight to Russia for her studies in Medicine. So proud of you! But honestly, didn’t see this coming back then in high school! Hahaha! She was a lazy person, lazier than me, she always sleeps in class unlike me who’s always studying okay kidding. I will always pray for her success and hope that she wont kill anyone lol kidding. I joke harshly sometimes that I’m way out of line, sorry sorry. She’s the first one in my circle to go further her studies far far away. Good luck in everything you do, Mazmeen. Hope you get to meet cute Russian doctors who aren’t gangsters like you. Cause I think I’m stereotyping but I’ve played GTA and most of the antagonists are Russians. Oh you surely can be friends with them, Mazmeen. We were photographers and models for ourself throughout the night! So many pictures that we took!

On our way to KLIA
I drove, I took the picture, EVERYTHING ME LA
My huge burger and well, coke
Basically our last dinner together for now
Honestly I look like a pervert who stalks Mazmeen and Aida is supporting that
Okay, can’t say anything about this it might tear me up



That’s just me lol

Seeing her leave, makes me feel like going too. It kinda gave me a little motivation and it kinda boost my spirit to study hard and maybe join her one day or just to study anywhere really. Malaysia is a lovely country especially when you talk about food, but a little bit exposure is vital especially in this era. One day, In Sha Allah amin.

Oh, and what is DIET? By the way, the carpark rate is extremely unbelievable. Man, 15 bucks for 3 hours is insane! I read the daily rate charges and the amount that they charge you there could cost you 1.5k max! Hahahahahaha. SO NOT FUNNY.

Good food equals happy tummy

Unexpectedly today my nenek (grandmother) was kind enough to treat me lunch at One World Hotel in Damansara. It is located right beside One Utama, the famous shopping mall, which also happens to be my favourite mall. We had lunch there, to be precise, it was buffet and you know what buffet does to you. It gave me triple chin in just 3 hours. THANKS LAH. My nenek is an Elite member there so she managed to get us a discount. I highly recommend those of you who has extra fund to spend it here cause the food is so definitely worth it. Here are some of the pictures I took!! Feasting day went well. Alhamdulillah.



Sirloin steak
My favourite tempura
This was lovely
Are you a sushi “King”?
They are lucky I’m not a big fan of lobster
All the greens aka healthy stuff
Okay, this was basically the moment of my life when I opened the lid
Taadaa! Butter prawns, everyone’s favourite.


Anything sweet?
Okay, shaved ice + syrup + milk = real legit happiness
Two in one go. Yes, i ate ice cream and ABC at the same time so what? LOL


Guess what I did right after lunch? Aircond on, lights off, doors shut, phone silent and I dozed off. In conclusion, today is a happy day for my tummy and I.