Dust away

Another semester, another break. Semester 1 was undeniably tough, well, for me. Last minute studying ain’t just gonna work, man. But I did learn a lot of stuff, in and outside of college. I did a lot of new things, I tried lots of new delicious food, I went to new places, I met a few great people that I do not ever want to lose, I went through a lot throughout these 4 months while leaving my word press, untouched and unwritten. So sorry about this.

As all of my readers know, that my little family cat has expanded. It was from having one baby cat, named Oli, and then another, named Yumi and then now, I have a super cute kitten, and we call him Mochi (except my dad, I just found out he has been calling him MOTY since the day he was born, which was 4 months ago,sheesh) Plus, I’ll tell you guys more about my babies later on.

Sooo many things have been going on lately I don’t even know where to start. Of course, it is quite impossible for me to update you everything that has happened throughout the 4 longg months.