Monday blues

It’s true. That my best friend left me for a week and currently he/she is in Laos to work. Funny thing is, my car’s fuel is still full, my purse has more money that it could ever have, (tbh, i did not hang with anyone except my cats LOL what a loner I know don’t have to rub it in my face hmph) but I’ve been very unproductive and laptop is a substitute of him/her while he/she’s gone 😦 . Classes began last week, Monday and I gotta tell ya, degree is a whole lot different than my PRE-U. It’s waaay more fun I promise.

So kiddos, just wishing ya a good luck surviving you Pre-U year because it sucks :p FOR ME! Hahaha. I couldn’t really remember when was the last time I watched a korean drama, but holy crap, Come back, Mister is a really good drama to watch. It’s basically a comedy-drama and it’s so very different from other dramas that you guys have watched. This will not waste any second of your time because it is soo very W-O-R-T-H-Y, I promise!

It’s currently 0146 and I have class later at 830 in the morning! But you know traffic decides to hold you back for like, I dunno, an hour? They just love you so much don’t they? Haha.

So as you degree students already know that in the first week of class only lectures are conducted and no workshops, no tutorials. So I haven’t really met my tutorials and workshops’ lecturers. So, I was going through my facebook and I realised there was this guy who personally inbox-ed me telling me that if I’m taking Marketing in this semester so I said yeah bla bla bla. Turns out he’s my tutorial lecturer for Marketing whom I’ve never even met or spoken to before! SO SO CUTE OMGOSH! I think he personally added everyone on the list and randomly add them up or inbox-ed them! My lecturer is so cute, man! Hahaha. I hope he’s nice in real life tho, gonna find out tomorrow.

Anyways, this semester I’m having 4 subjects which are Financial Accounting, Marketing, Economics and English for Business. Guess which subject earns my hate? ECONOMICS! I think I’m Economic-Phobia. Studied Economics for the first time in my life during my Pre-U year, last year, and gosh, it was a total nightmare! However with God’s will, thank god I did not fail phewww. Okay, off to bed I’ve got only like few hours left till class starts! Monday blues.


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