and to Russia she goes

Nik, Aida and I sent our future doctor friend to the airport for her to further her studies in Russia for 5 freaking long years. We went early by ourselves just to get our burger at Burger King, uhuh, all the way from home to the airport (30 mins drive plus plus) just to get a 20 bucks burger. After trying the burgers at Burger Lab, even Whopper with Cheese don’t make my heart flutter anymore. Blerghh, okay out of topic. So, Mazmeen is currently on her flight to Russia for her studies in Medicine. So proud of you! But honestly, didn’t see this coming back then in high school! Hahaha! She was a lazy person, lazier than me, she always sleeps in class unlike me who’s always studying okay kidding. I will always pray for her success and hope that she wont kill anyone lol kidding. I joke harshly sometimes that I’m way out of line, sorry sorry. She’s the first one in my circle to go further her studies far far away. Good luck in everything you do, Mazmeen. Hope you get to meet cute Russian doctors who aren’t gangsters like you. Cause I think I’m stereotyping but I’ve played GTA and most of the antagonists are Russians. Oh you surely can be friends with them, Mazmeen. We were photographers and models for ourself throughout the night! So many pictures that we took!

On our way to KLIA
I drove, I took the picture, EVERYTHING ME LA
My huge burger and well, coke
Basically our last dinner together for now
Honestly I look like a pervert who stalks Mazmeen and Aida is supporting that
Okay, can’t say anything about this it might tear me up



That’s just me lol

Seeing her leave, makes me feel like going too. It kinda gave me a little motivation and it kinda boost my spirit to study hard and maybe join her one day or just to study anywhere really. Malaysia is a lovely country especially when you talk about food, but a little bit exposure is vital especially in this era. One day, In Sha Allah amin.

Oh, and what is DIET? By the way, the carpark rate is extremely unbelievable. Man, 15 bucks for 3 hours is insane! I read the daily rate charges and the amount that they charge you there could cost you 1.5k max! Hahahahahaha. SO NOT FUNNY.


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