Love of my life

I never joke when I say “the love of my life” although I must admit that there are more than 2. My whole family, my kids (whoops I meant cats), and a few other outsiders that came into my life willingly (I hope). They all have a very special place in my heart and it can only be filled by them, themselves, sadly. Why I say it’s not good is because if one decides to leave, that particular spot will always be empty. Always.

However, one of them is Seril. Shamelessly I met him when I was 13 but to be honest, I really think I gotta start telling everybody that we just met because they would think I flunked in exams because I was busy sending love notes to him LOLOL. So yeah, theoretically, we just met ok? Hahaha! I call him Seril like all the freaking time, sometimes I can’t even remember his real name pity pity.

Taken at Ridha & Puteri’s wedding reception in Seremban! May god bless the inventor of photo booth.

Trust me, he can do better than this. He’s just not well and I am feeling so so guilty because I was sooo busy at the wedding with my other friends that I kinda neglected him and left him alone. Well, it’s simply hard to believe that he was left alone, no he was not alone, he was with his guy friends. I laughed too much today with my girls I totally had forgotten about him, I am so sorry sweetie 😦 (yuckkkk)

Get well real super duper soon so I can hang with you okay? Speedy and accelerated with extra turbo recovery! Thank you for today and everything else, I am so sorry again that I was busy 😥


Sunway vs HELP

Based on my past experience in Sunway College last year where I took AUSMAT (Australian Matriculation) as my Pre-University programme, Sunway has one of the best facilities. The washrooms are always dry and clean, people there know etiquette, lecturers are well-trained, the environment gives you good vibes, the food there is convenient, the only downside about Sunway college is the PARKING. Holy crap, how do you even expect thousands of students to find parking when they only provide you with less than 500 parking bays? Not to mention, the other,bigger parking bays which are located in Sunway Pyramid that needs a 10 minutes walk to the university/college. Not everyone enjoys a long walk early in the morning to class you know. I say we fund money to build more parking bays that are more prevalent for everyone. Like I said, people like me certainly DO NOT enjoy long walks to class.

So, here’s the thing about Sunway University. First and foremost, they are famous with their high quality of Accounting & Finance degree which is validated by Sunway University themselves,and also Lancaster University in the UK. The benefit of this is you get two degree certs, and that’s not even the best part, you will also receive a cert by Lancaster when in reality, you did not even study there. You pay less, you get the same quality of degree with other people who did their degree there. However, you yourself do not get to experience living in the real world alone out there, thousand miles away from Malaysia. I’m not really sure how it works, but they certainly do not have a twinning programme for this one. Let me make it easier for you to understand, I’m going to be in Malaysia for all 3 years if I were to study in Sunway Uni. Now you see, my problem here is I’m stuck between these two universities Sunway University and HELP university.

HELP university offers each and every one of their student great twinning programmes with many recognised universities in Australia, UK, New Zealand and more. HELP would only send you to your choice of university either in your 2nd year of degree or your 3rd year of degree. Well, my problem is that it has been a dream of mine to go overseas to study. My parents would want to send me literally just anywhere (maybe they really want to get rid of me idk man) in my 3rd year of degree. Now, the million dollar question is, where do I study in the first two years of my degree? In HELP university of course! I honestly have no problem studying there but dude. It’s 20.9km (23 minutes WITHOUT traffic) from my home. Next question, WHAT IS MALAYSIA WITHOUT TRAFFIC JAMS? Don’t even mention toll fees. Plus, the facilities there aren’t as complete as Sunway’s and I don’t know anyone there. Oh and it starts in May while Sunway starts next next week lol….

And frankly speaking, right now working full time as a waitress for the rest of my life sounds good to me. No degree, no diploma, just me and my SPM cert. Anyone wanna hire me?

HELP. (as in help help, not HELP university lol)

Atok’s 70th born day

Happy 70th birthday to my atok!

We had a celebration at the surau nearby atok’s house. Atok is 70 years old and he just gets cuter and cuter day by day. Surprisingly, under nenek’s watch atok is way healthier than me! All of his siblings came to celebrate his 70th birthday and we all had good food! Thank you atok for always lecturing me on literally everything, thank you for giving me advices and life motivation in all aspects, thank you so much for letting me stay with you for years and thank you for every single thing you have done for me.

Happy 70th born day ❤ you’re seriously cute 
Me in tudung (hijab)
Youngest brother, he’s only 5, sorry girls
All in my tummy
Lamb is everyone’s favourite
Sif and Noreez ❤
Sif Khalel you’re so cheeky!
My kakaks. Kak Lina and Kak Karmi ❤
The older you are, the more handsome you get

Finally Ridha has tied the knot

Sincerest congratulations to both of my good friends, Ridha & Puteri for getting married on the 4th March of 2016. I really am happy for the both of you, you guys are meant to be with each other forever and always, In Sha Allah. You guys are practically building a future with each other, and in this case, it goes on till the end of your life, till eternity, In Sha Allah. Please make cute babies that look like ME! Hahaha, I’m totally kidding. The solemnisation was being held on the 4th March while the reception on the bride’s side was held yesterday, Saturday, 5th of March 2016. I cannot wait for the groom’s reception this Sunday!

On the bride’s wedding reception, Seril was chosen to be the bestman and truthfully speaking, the maid of honour was really pretty and I was kinda worried at first but turns out she has a boyfriend (pheeeeww) and she’s really nice and kind once you get to know her! She’s such a sweet girl and guess what? We’re friends now! Hahahah.

When the event started I straightaway took CENDOL, I was alone at first because Abang (His real name is Abang as stated in his ID. I’m dead serious), Hazrin, Nash were late. I felt really lonely and I think I almost cried LOL. Kidding. And thank godd, they came 20 mins after I arrived pheww. Thats a relief!! The wedding was amazing and I absolutely loved it! There were lots of flowers and the food was sooo good! They even had CENDOL (repeating myself because cendol just needs extra attention) ! That literally made my day.

Here are some pictures we took at the events!

Getting ready for the nikah (solemnisation)

Nikah night (solemnisation)

The soon to be groom with the Imam

Such a pretty bride-to-be, Puteri *heart eyes*

Now they’re officially married!


With the beautiful bride & Tyqa

Selfie with Tyqa cause she can’t find her husband and Seril went missing blerghh

…sorry i looked at the wrong camera

Congratulations on your beautiful marriage, Ridha

Not that cute

Hmph, wear that yourself you dumb

I envy this friendship but seriously, Ridha please, you’re married urghhh

#RidhaPuteri forever

Entering the wedding hall

Incomplete squad

The newlyweds, me and..the beautiful maid of honour

Seril, you gotta stop stealing glances at me -.- my god

My favourite picture

That’s Seril, everyone!

Random selfie

You’re lovely ❤

Ugly Se

Little globe (world) of mine

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Last but not least, you guys will always be part of my life ❤ *excuse my huge ass pimple on my nose it’s horrible I KNOW OKAY IM SUFFERING TOO!!!


Ron not stoppable


After 3 long long looong months, we have finally reunited again. My college sweetheart, Ron! Unfortunately, one of us wasn’t able to make it but guess what? We’re all meeting again tomorrow! Hahaha. Yeap, I’m a very clingy friend, feel sad for you guys to have such a friend like me, owells!

The first thing she did when she got into my car, is take out her selfie stick and her lens LOL


“Ron, make me laugh” “Okay. Mahirah, you’re fat
“Mahirah make ugly faces”
Introducing you, RON!!!

If it wasn’t for Psychology class, we wouldn’t have even been friends! And now, she’s planning to take Psychology as a major in Uni. Thank god, I’ve always thought I’m somehow mentally retarded. I so need you to be my psychiatrist, Ron! You’re just unstoppable!

VSCO worthy

Do check out my VSCO too. I try to post all the pictures that I think is VSCO worthy.

Just click here and it will automatically bring you to my VSCO  ! Hope it fits all your likings! And if you’re the kind of person who literally hates reading, VSCO is just a place for you! Here is all words, and little picture, blergh, how dull to some of you non-readers out there!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.37.46 AM.png
Here’s a tad bit of my VSCO

and to Russia she goes

Nik, Aida and I sent our future doctor friend to the airport for her to further her studies in Russia for 5 freaking long years. We went early by ourselves just to get our burger at Burger King, uhuh, all the way from home to the airport (30 mins drive plus plus) just to get a 20 bucks burger. After trying the burgers at Burger Lab, even Whopper with Cheese don’t make my heart flutter anymore. Blerghh, okay out of topic. So, Mazmeen is currently on her flight to Russia for her studies in Medicine. So proud of you! But honestly, didn’t see this coming back then in high school! Hahaha! She was a lazy person, lazier than me, she always sleeps in class unlike me who’s always studying okay kidding. I will always pray for her success and hope that she wont kill anyone lol kidding. I joke harshly sometimes that I’m way out of line, sorry sorry. She’s the first one in my circle to go further her studies far far away. Good luck in everything you do, Mazmeen. Hope you get to meet cute Russian doctors who aren’t gangsters like you. Cause I think I’m stereotyping but I’ve played GTA and most of the antagonists are Russians. Oh you surely can be friends with them, Mazmeen. We were photographers and models for ourself throughout the night! So many pictures that we took!

On our way to KLIA
I drove, I took the picture, EVERYTHING ME LA
My huge burger and well, coke
Basically our last dinner together for now
Honestly I look like a pervert who stalks Mazmeen and Aida is supporting that
Okay, can’t say anything about this it might tear me up



That’s just me lol

Seeing her leave, makes me feel like going too. It kinda gave me a little motivation and it kinda boost my spirit to study hard and maybe join her one day or just to study anywhere really. Malaysia is a lovely country especially when you talk about food, but a little bit exposure is vital especially in this era. One day, In Sha Allah amin.

Oh, and what is DIET? By the way, the carpark rate is extremely unbelievable. Man, 15 bucks for 3 hours is insane! I read the daily rate charges and the amount that they charge you there could cost you 1.5k max! Hahahahahaha. SO NOT FUNNY.