I need more friends

I need more friends. To be honest, these days my friends are only left with a few. I hang with the same people all day everyday. I text, call, chat with the same people, same faces,same stories blerghh. True that most of my friends are older than me (“uhhh, you mean Seril’s friends”?), but I need people that I can call to meet anytime. Sheesh. Mea is busy with her studies in Segamat and only comes back like every 2-3 weeks (is she dumb? How can she not know I’m dying of boredom and need her to hang with sheesh), Nik is well, let’s face it, she prefers to stay at home and babysit her niece rather than spending time with me which is waayyy more fun…and last but not least, the only person who picks up my calls every time I feel like going out on an adventure, is…*drum rolls* who else if it is not the one and only Seril. I see him almost everyday, thank god he still wants to hang with me, even though most of his friends prefer to hang with me instead of him, let’s face it, I’m a fun person compared to him, LOL. Sorry for sweeping them away from you, but oh wells, life goes on okay Seril?


Like I said in the previous post, quality over quantity. (cough cough cough)

So, hands up to those of you who wants to be my friend. You will get your pay every end of the month, kidding obviously! Hahahah!


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