Recommended series & movies

Everyone has their favourite series to watch and tonight I feel like it’s an obligation for me to share what I watch every time I’m on a long break like right now. 4 months of holiday is wooh, way too much for me. I’m bored, and don’t be surprised, coming from the laziest person in the whole wide world, but I’m actually excited to start my first year of degree which is starting on the 23rd of March. That’s less than a month away.

So, here it goes. I made a tradition for myself where I rewatch all my favourite series and movies whenever I’m on a break.

  1. 2424 is an action series and it has 9 seasons in total. I think they might have another season around this year but I’m not too sure. Surely will let you know if it comes out this year. Jack Bauer is a one man army. Who needs FBI when you have Jack Bauer? He literally knows everything and I swear, this is the best, most realistic action series. You MUST watch this. No regrets. I could finish one season in 2 days. No kidding. Way better than Mission Impossible, that I promise you. 24LiveAnotherDay-jpg

2. Friends. Now this can make you go crazy. It’s super hilarious just WATCH IT.


3. Okay, so many of you are against kpoppers. But, this isn’t a bad show. It’s more like a reality + variety kind of show. They started 5 years ago and now the world knows them. RUNNING MAN. PS: I watch this everyday repeatedly.

runing man.jpg

4. Harry Potter. Only muggles don’t watch Harry Potter, right Potterheads? And no doubt, Harry Potter over Star Wars all day errday. It has 8 sequels and each of them is undeniably uh-may-zing.


And, that’s about it I think. These are the only series/movie that I rewatch every single time! But seriously, trust me, they’re all worth watching.

And to those of you who are interested in watching 24 and Friends, watch it on to watch Running Man, and simply  google Harry Potter to watch the movies.



I need more friends

I need more friends. To be honest, these days my friends are only left with a few. I hang with the same people all day everyday. I text, call, chat with the same people, same faces,same stories blerghh. True that most of my friends are older than me (“uhhh, you mean Seril’s friends”?), but I need people that I can call to meet anytime. Sheesh. Mea is busy with her studies in Segamat and only comes back like every 2-3 weeks (is she dumb? How can she not know I’m dying of boredom and need her to hang with sheesh), Nik is well, let’s face it, she prefers to stay at home and babysit her niece rather than spending time with me which is waayyy more fun…and last but not least, the only person who picks up my calls every time I feel like going out on an adventure, is…*drum rolls* who else if it is not the one and only Seril. I see him almost everyday, thank god he still wants to hang with me, even though most of his friends prefer to hang with me instead of him, let’s face it, I’m a fun person compared to him, LOL. Sorry for sweeping them away from you, but oh wells, life goes on okay Seril?


Like I said in the previous post, quality over quantity. (cough cough cough)

So, hands up to those of you who wants to be my friend. You will get your pay every end of the month, kidding obviously! Hahahah!

Good food equals happy tummy

Unexpectedly today my nenek (grandmother) was kind enough to treat me lunch at One World Hotel in Damansara. It is located right beside One Utama, the famous shopping mall, which also happens to be my favourite mall. We had lunch there, to be precise, it was buffet and you know what buffet does to you. It gave me triple chin in just 3 hours. THANKS LAH. My nenek is an Elite member there so she managed to get us a discount. I highly recommend those of you who has extra fund to spend it here cause the food is so definitely worth it. Here are some of the pictures I took!! Feasting day went well. Alhamdulillah.



Sirloin steak
My favourite tempura
This was lovely
Are you a sushi “King”?
They are lucky I’m not a big fan of lobster
All the greens aka healthy stuff
Okay, this was basically the moment of my life when I opened the lid
Taadaa! Butter prawns, everyone’s favourite.


Anything sweet?
Okay, shaved ice + syrup + milk = real legit happiness
Two in one go. Yes, i ate ice cream and ABC at the same time so what? LOL


Guess what I did right after lunch? Aircond on, lights off, doors shut, phone silent and I dozed off. In conclusion, today is a happy day for my tummy and I.

Winners at heart


It’s final. They own my heart. My heart belongs to them and only these two. The first picture on your left, is Oli. He is snow white, trust me he is whiter than snow. Oli is basically my first (cat) love. I gotta thank his previous owner, for trusting me to take care of Oli. He’s turning 1 in a month’s time. While on your right is Yumi. Yumi is fragile and she’s very quiet sometimes I think she’s deaf and mute LOL. Don’t tell her I said that. I got her after I found out that Oli was in heat (this certainly means that he is in need of extra love which no humans can give tsk tsk). So I brought Yumi home and now we are all expecting new kittens soon. I’ll be waiting.

A little about the writer

I’ve aged for about 19 years and still living my life humbly as an ordinary person, the type where you meet just everyday and everywhere. Nothing extraordinary nor different about me so don’t wonder that much about me. Along my 19 years of long and hard journey, I have encounter so many types of people and the older I grow, the more surprised I am to meet these new people. And to be honest, I enjoy making friends with people who are older than I am. They’re more understanding, and just lovely. My family tree is almost impossible for anyone to believe because it is so different from yours lol. The owner of this blog is the eldest in her family and has 2 brothers which makes her the only daughter in the family. I have other siblings which you will find out soon enough. I’m a single mother of 2 children. Just kidding, I take care of my two cute cats and I’m excited for their kittens. This blog will be a lot about me, myself and I, LOL, basically my past, future and present adventures.

So hi, my name is Mahirah Marisa and people keep giving me weird nicknames which they did not seek my approval before calling me such. A few of them call me Mar, and some call me Mahi. Hahaha, but when people give you random nicknames it certainly means that you’re special to them right? I mean, dude, you wouldn’t give someone you barely even know a nickname right? Or would you..I don’t know. I am currently waiting for my degree in Sunway University to start and MOST PROBABLY you’re reading a future auditor’s blog right now. LOL, yes I am taking Accounting and Finance because I honestly have no other choice and lol to be honest, I’m a huge stalker and the reason being is because I wanna stalk my favourite person(who is already an auditor woah) by working with them in the next few years if we were to work at the same office In Sha Allah. LOL, KIDDING.

I’ve stopped being smart when I turned 16. Yeapp. I was acing almost all subjects in school until I turned 16, sadly. Maybe someone did a curse on me or something, no idea. I prefer to have good quality of friends rather than having a 100s of them (purposely saying that because I don’t have that many friends LOL). Plus, one true fact that I’m aware of, I’m a bit clumsy that I’ve spilled mustard on someone’s new shirt whoooops.